About Us

Patricia Mullins, Owner & Teacher


Patricia Mullins is the owner of Cincy Language  Drama and is a certified K-12 German and Spanish teacher in Kentucky. 

One of her passions is theater, with seven years of theater and acting experience in the greater Cincinnati area. 

She has more than a decade of experience as a German, Spanish and English as a Second Language Teacher, having worked extensively with both children, young adults and adult learners both in the United States and Europe. For the past six years she has taught German and Spanish in Northern Kentucky, with positions at Highlands Middle School and Beechwood High School. 

Her experience abroad includes one year in Spain and one in Germany, respectively. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in ESL at Northern Kentucky University. 

Our Mission


  Cincy Language Drama strives to offer a completely unique language learning experience! Textbooks and grammar drills? Not with us! In a fun and safe environment students are able to learn and practice life-changing theatrical and acting skills while using and acquiring a second language. 

Each drama class and summer camp ends in a short performance of a play 100% in the targeted language. All family and friends of students are invited to attend. Since the play will be completely in either Spanish or German, captions will be provided in English for the audience! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are classes and performances?

A: Cincy Language Drama classes and final performances are held in Fort Thomas, Kentucky in the Village Players' building:

8 N Fort Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Q: What are the class sizes? 

A: All of our classes are limited to 16 students.

Q: Is there a guarantee on classes? 

A: Absolutely! Full refunds can be given before the start date or if students do not want to continue after the first class. 

Q: What languages are offered?

A: Currently, Cincy Language Drama is offering a rotating schedule of drama classes in Spanish and German. 

Q: Should students have prior experience?

A: Nope! Students require neither previous acting experience nor prior knowledge of the targeted language to register. Students with any kind of language proficiency in the targeted language or prior acting experience are more than welcome. Every class is differentiated and designed for that specific group of students.