About Us

Patricia Mullins, Owner

Patricia Mullins is the proud owner of Cincy Language and is a certified K-12 German and Spanish teacher in Kentucky. She has more than a decade of experience as a German, Spanish and English as a Second Language Teacher, having worked extensively with both children, young adults and adult learners both in the United States and Europe. She founded the World Language Program at Highlands Middle School in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where she has worked for the past five years.

After receiving a Spanish and German degree from the University of Kentucky, Patricia taught English in Spain for one year, having also studied for one year in Germany during school. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in ESL at Northern Kentucky University. 

One of her passions is theater, with more than six years of theater and acting experience in the greater Cincinnati area. She has worked as an assistant instructor at the Children's Theater of Mason, and is incredibly excited to put on an all German stage play during the 2018 German Theater Summer Camp!

Our Mission

  Cincy Language isn't just another language school. There are no textbooks and no grammar drills. Instead, there are organic conversations and experiences with qualified and professionally trained educators. 

We are a language school based on communicative techniques. If you have ever thought that you "weren't good at Spanish", you just weren't in the right place with the right teachers to learn it. This is the place. We are the people. 

Enroll for spring or summer 2018 to take advantage of these unique adult conversation classes in German, Spanish, or English as a Second Language or sign your children up for our German Theater Camp coming summer 2018. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What languages are currently offered at Cincy Language? 

A: Currently we offer German, Spanish and English!

Q: Are the language experiences immersive? 

A: Yes! Our classes, camps and lessons are at least 90% in the target language.

Q: What are the class sizes? 

A: This varies by the language experience you are interested in! Our adult conversation classes are limited to 10 participants and our summer camps for children are limited to 24. 

Q: Is there a guarantee on classes? 

A: Yes! If you or your child do not enjoy your first day or lesson you can receive a full refund.